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SPF LLC invites you to be a part of our sophomore short film project called Myrtie Mims.  Any level of donations amount will be accepted.  Your donations will got to pay cast, crew and project expenses.  If you would like to donate to a specific short film, please write in the title of the film next to your name.  Otherwise, donations will go into the general fund for film production expenses.

Myrtie Mims Short Film

Myrtie Mims Short Film is a a fictional depiction based on true events.  It highlights some of the challenges faced by Myrtie Mims as an African American women who operated her photography business in Nacogdoches, TX around the late ’40s, and it faded out in the ’80s. 


She was the first and only woman photographer who dared to venture into a world dominated by male photographers during that period of time. There were male photographers who had their own studios located throughout East Texas but she was the first woman.

7% Short Film

Alexxi in Fear Trailer_20201231.00_00_58

Film in Production

Human emotions are proving too much for Cybernetic humanoid Alexii. Caught between life, death and her atheist programming, Alexii is faced with a question of eternity.

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